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Cookies policy

1. Introduction

Cluevest is driven with its purpose and mission to create growth by not only creating best products & services for our customers but also helping our website visitors to get the best user experience and also connect with them to give the right contents that match with their taste, preference and lifestyle. For to understand, our website visitors and for to give them best experience, we use a number of cookies on our website. These cookies help us to get the information about our website visitors that help us to become more relevant in our offerings and also give a best user experience. We collect information through automated means when our visitors visit our website, and this cookies’ notice explains in detail about the cookies which we are using to give our visitors the relevant experience.

2. What are cookies

A cookie is a small text file that is sent and is being stored on your computer or other Internet connected device to identify your browser or to store information. These are used widely to improve the functionality of the websites and to make them work better. Cookies vary in their purpose of use and functionality. For example:

A session cookie disappears automatically once you close the browser.

A permanent cookie stores a text file in your device for a shorter or longer period after your visit (unless you delete these files by yourself). These cookies are used, among other things, to keep you logged in and to keep track of settings which you have made for your browser.

“Local storage” is another way for sites to store the same type of information and settings locally on your device. One difference from cookies is that the stored information is not automatically included in calls to the server.

These cookies’ function is to give better user experience by identifying your browser, improve functionality. For example, a web beacon links web pages to servers and may be used to transmit information collected through cookies back to a web server. Other tracking technologies help with analytics to improve your browsing experience and these include, for example, pixels, JaveScript, server calls or web server logs, etc.

3. How we use cookies

Cluevest is driven with its purpose and mission to serve our visitors better and be with them in their browsing experience by making their browsing experience better, efficient, relevant and friendly. Better user experience means relevant contents, easy login and to remember your browser settings, relevant ads & promotions and to make ensure that our web services, and functionality are working in their proper form to give you the best experience. Here are some of the details about the different cookies and how we use them to give you better browsing experience:

I: Login and browser settings:
Some cookies are used for to remember your settings while you use our website. Local data storage is used to help you with login automatically at each time you visit our website and to save your browser settings which you have done for our website (e.g. text size).

II: Analysis, statistic and product development:
We can collect statistical data about how our customers are using our website. It helps us to develop and improve browsing experience. Different tools can be used for different purposes. For example, google analytics is used to measure web traffic and which pages are visited more often by visitors. We can also store data files locally for to conduct A/B testing for to test new web functions on a small group of people before we launch them to the mass public. These analysis tools help us to improve the browsing experience for our visitors.

III: Facebook Pixels:
Facebook’s pixels collect information about your activities during your browsing experience and which websites and contents are you surfing. Facebook pixels then show the targeted marketing contents while you are using Facebook.

Here below in the table, we have mentioned the cookies which we are using:

Name Value
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cookie_notice_accepted True
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4. How you can manage cookies

You can manage how cookies will be used on your browser and on your device. You can delete them by yourself from your browser and from your device and even can change your browser’s settings about which cookies will be used and will be stored locally at your device. Please notice that if you choose to inactivate some of the cookies, it can affect some of the web functions, settings and your login details may not be stored to give you better user experience.

Please also notice that you need to delete cookies from your browser after making changes in your browser’s settings because locally stored cookies do not get removed automatically by changing your browser settings.

You can easily find your browser settings by going into the menu function of your web browsers. These browser links can also help you to navigate faster to manage your cookies’ settings:



Internet Explorer:

Microsoft Edge:,Open%20Microsoft%20Edge%20and%20then%20select%20Settings%20and%20more%20%3E%20Settings,cookies%20saved%20on%20your%20device.



You can also find more information about cookies and, which are stored on your device and how you can manage your cookies’ settings by visiting and

5. Contact us

If you have any questions about our cookies’ policy or the cookies which we are using, please contact us to our support team( and our team will assist you with your queries.
While contacting us, please do not disclose any sensitive personal data (e.g. Personal identity numbers; credit card details; racial/ethnic origin; political opinion; religious/philosophical beliefs; trade union membership; health data; sex life/sexual orientation; genetic data; biometric data; personal data related to criminal convictions & offences).