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Cluevest’s Legacy Program

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Become successful on an early come, early serve basis

About the legacy program

Cluevest is driven with its mission, purpose and values to make growth possible and our legacy program is one of our projects to make growth possible. Cluevest’s legacy program is designed to offer valuable products and services at no cost to potential users to whom these can give higher value and can bring positive change at individual, family and at the society level by making people more productive, profitable and position them for growth and better opportunities. Cluevest’s legacy program empowers people through products and services and makes them an important social asset where their contributions create value and prosperity in the society. Cluevest’s legacy program is designed to give right tools, secrets, strategies, knowledge and information for to shape people’s habits, values, and position them for higher performance and better life and help them to avail more opportunities in the society.

Cluevest’s legacy program helps people to become more self-aware, knowledgeable, learn new and better skills, learn better tools, self-empowerment and position them for higher performance, reshapes their values, habits, opens and shows new doors of opportunities, shows and guides them the path of success and future, helps them to realize their value and importance in the global economy, helps them to become more productive and more importantly bring positive change into the society where more people are grabbing the right opportunities and talent pool across different social groups is utilized into the societies to make them a better living place. Legacy program helps people to identify and grab better opportunities into their life by defining their true passion and vision about the future and what they want to accomplish and how they will be more satisfied and will bring more value for them shelves and for the society

Cluevest’s legacy program’s initiative provides opportunities for people in different age groups from children to adults across different social groups in different societies across the globe. Cluevest’s legacy program is design with the purpose to overcome different social challenges, which includes but not limited to: unemployment, poverty, poor health conditions, fight criminality, bring equality, develop talent in different social groups, protect people to take wrong paths and directions in their lives and minimizes the other effects of these different social challenges and problems.

Cluevest’s legacy program serves the people with the need and for those to whom our products & services can be beneficial and help them to take them shelves to the next level.

How we Serve

Cluevest’s offer free training seat in our training programs for the needy people and help them to get the higher advance level training at no cost. Our business training programs are designed for senior-level corporate executives and by participating in these programs help the needy participants to get the higher level of skills, knowledge, tools, system, inside secrets that help them to build the right habits, values, culture and position them for success and higher productivity. In our all training programs, we have 5% seats reserved for these needy people based on the total participants, and we help these needy people to learn the advanced level tools and skills in each of our training programs.

In addition, we have different projects at the schools, colleges and at the university level as well. These programs are not highly professional as our business training programs but are customized according to the need of the right target group to give them the maximum value and position them for higher level of success. These programs help these students at the different level to pick it up, put them on the right track and help them to envision a better future and give them the right tools, skills and strategies to make progress into their vision and make a better living and become a valuable asset for the society.


Our business training programs are available digital, in virtual classes and even participants can attend physically at our available locations. We also arrange physically and visit different locations and institutions to provide value and empower these individuals at different locations across the globe.

How to qualify

For to qualify in our business training programs and other programs at schools, colleges and at universities level, you need to send your application to us. Seats are limited in each of our training program, and unfortunately; we cannot provide seats to all people, and our seats are limited to 5% of the total paid participants. For to qualify in this legacy program, you also need to meet a certain eligibility criterion. Our this legacy program is for to serve the under served communities, groups and individuals and help them to succeed by giving them right tools, skills and strategies that will empower them for to pursue better opportunities in their lives.

For to qualify in our business training programs, certain factors are taken into consideration during the qualification and acceptance which includes but not limited to: Lower income bracket, unemployment, economic losses, poverty due to structural flaws, health conditions, social classes and groups, personal and family situation, age, educational level, future ambitions and willingness to get the maximum value from these training programs, etc.


We screen and select candidates on an ongoing basis, and once you have applied to the program, our team screen and evaluate your application and inform you about the further proceeding and requirements. There are several rounds during the selection process which starts from screening the candidate’s eligibility criteria and then goes further into several steps, which even include three interviews and one short training session to test your cognitive abilities either you will be able to get the maximum value from the training program. We want to make ensure during the selection process that you are the right candidate, and you have the capabilities to get the maximum value and at the same time it will be secure and safe for our customers. Our customers are highly important for us because without them, we even not be able to have these training programs, and we do screening, evaluations and tests that our customers feel safe, secure and enjoy your presence during the training program.

Frequently asked questions

What is the cost of the program?

There is no cost to attend any business training program and even course literature is included. So you do not pay anything.

Which business training programs are available under this legacy program?

For now, we are only offering Productive Boost 15X and Mental Edge 4.0 training program under our legacy program.

What if I do not qualify?

You always have a possibility to reapply and give yourself a new try. But we highly recommend that you wait at least three months before to give yourself a new try.

How I can pass these different stages of screening and testing?

These screening, testing and evaluations are to make ensure that the right candidates get the benefits with our contribution and efforts, and at the same time we choose the right candidates who are not harmful for our customers. Just be honest and be yourself, opportunities come to the right people.

What if I am not getting my turn in the queue?

Our seats are limited, and these are filled based on early come, early serve basis. If you have applied for the program, then our team will pick up your application when it will be your turn and notify you for further proceedings. How fast you get your turn depends upon how many numbers of applicants are in the queue, and unfortunately we can do very little about this queue, but we are trying our best to give chance to all applicants to attend our business training programs.

What if I am qualified and then later change my mind due to any reason.

We would highly recommend that you inform our support team at your earliest convenient time so that anybody else can get the chance in the queue to attend this training program. We would highly appreciate, if you inform us with at least 48 hours before of the program start-time so that we can contact to any other right candidate.

Does it affect my chances to attend the program again if I have refused one time once I got admitted in the program?

No, but you need to come in the queueagain, and again pass the selection criteria and motivate the selection committee about why you were unable to attend it last time, once you were qualified for the program.

About the Cluevest

Cluevest, LLC is a business consultancy firm with focus on finance and growth. Cluevest offers business consultancy, business reports, business training programs and has many other products for human resources and organizational development. Cluevest even owns brands: Legerwise, Starnox. Legerwise offers services in accounting & taxation. Starnox offers services in digital marketing and in content creations.