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Cluevest’s Scholarship Program

Position yourself for higher level of success at no cost

Sholarship Program
Challenge your peers and win the scholarship for higher performance

About the scholarship program

Cluevest is driven with its purpose, mission and vision in making growth possible and our Cluevest’s scholarship program is one of them, which offers wonderful opportunity to talented professionals to get scholarships in our training programs and attend our business training programs, which are worth of millions of dollars in terms of value. Our scholarship program is designed by taking into consideration the needs and demands from the professional world which are looking talented, highly productive and A-level players. We are committed and stand together with the institutions and with the corporate world to do our best by training talented individuals and pushing talented individuals to their next level. Our scholarship programs help individuals to fulfil their dreams and live the lifestyle which they want and deserve.

Cluevest’s scholarship program provides an opportunity to attend our business training programs at no cost and get the advance level tools, strategies, information and inside secrets, which are highly practical, proven and create results. Cluevest’s scholarship program helps you to equip with the right tools, skills and gives you inside secrets to help you succeed in your personal and professional life. Cluevest business training programs are designed for highly professional people by taking into consideration their needs and professional career requirements, and these training programs provide you an opportunity to position yourself for even better personal and professional success. Cluevest’s scholarship program gives you a wonderful opportunity to meet, learn, enjoy and connect with highly top executives across the different industries, and the power of network opens up even more doors of opportunities for you.

Cluevest’s scholarship program is for those people who have higher expectations from themselves and want to give their best in their career to succeed and build the better organizations, society and serving the humanity by their contribution and developing the better products & services which will revolutionize our lifestyle and give us more flexibility, comfortability and better usability. Cluevest’ scholarship program is for those people who want to take themselves to the next level by challenging their abilities, and have higher desire to learn more and become even better in their personal and professional conduct and achieve even higher level of success.

Cluevest’s scholarship program not only provides you a wonderful opportunity to win free tickers for our business training programs but also provides a wonderful opportunity to get lucrative discounts on our business training programs. Cluevest’s scholarship program is designed by taking into consideration the future challenges and the dire need to develop more talent and prepare more A-level players in the society which can think, strategize, and execute in timely manners and build the next generations societies. By participating into the Cluevest’s scholarship program and winning the tickets give you a wonderful opportunity for your personal and professional development at no cost. This is win-win for our participants, industry, organizations and for the society.

Who can participate

Cluevest’s scholarship program has an open-door policy which means everybody can participate and can be qualified for our business training programs. There is no age limit, educational requirement or your current educational and professional career position. Cluevest welcomes people from all across the industries and different social institutions, and we highly encourage to all people to participate in our scholarship programs and help yourself in your personal and professional success by grabbing the right opportunities at the right time.


How to qualify

Cluevest’s scholarship program selection criteria is based on individual-level evaluation; we choose the best candidate who not only have higher professional expertise but also have shown higher level of success in his/her professional career. Our selection committee evaluates each candidate’s application and then a handful number of candidates are selected from applicants, and then three interviews are taken by the selection committee to decide and choose the right candidate. This whole process takes almost two weeks.

The selection committee takes into consideration a number of parameters during the selection of the candidate, and these factors include but not limited to: your qualification, number of years of professional experience, your age, your industry, your future aims and professional goals, your professional achievements, your personality attributes, your motivational level, your contributions in voluntary activities with the Cluevest’s platform, your motivation, passion and excitement for to win the scholarship.

Once you have submitted your application, then the selection committee starts evaluating the candidates, and this process contains several steps before they hand-pick the number of candidates for to choose a winner from them. The first stage is, you become hand-picked by the selection committee, then 50% is in your hand, how you present yourself and participate in different interviews to show your interest and motivate the selection committee about why you will be the right candidate than others. During these interviews, you need to beat the other candidates which will be not so difficult if you have better skills than your competitors.

Availability of tickets, benefits and deadlines

The scholarships are offered on the monthly basis, and you have a possibility to participate at multiple times, although you can only win one-time in our scholarship program. There is only one seat, which is offered every month and even the lucrative discounts are offered to the hand-picked candidates, even if they do not qualify for the scholarship. These lucrative discounts are for our business training programs, and hand-picked candidates can redeem these discount coupons while they purchase our business training programs. The last date to apply for the scholarship is a last date of each month, and then selection committee starts their selection process, which continues almost two weeks.

Information is mention in the table below:
Application deadline Number of scholarships Lucrative discounts
Last date of each month One 10% to all hand-picked candidates

Frequently asked questions

Which business training programs are available under scholarship?

For now, Productive Boost 15X and Mental Edge 4.0.

Can I reapply multiple times if I do not qualify in the first attempt?

Yes, you can continue reapplying at each time. Consistent effort brings results and in the next attempt, you will be even better prepared and have probably figured out the right key to qualify for scholarship. Although you can apply only two times during each year.

Can I reapply multiple times if I have been qualified before for scholarships?

Our scholarships are offered only one time for each candidate. So if you have won a scholarship one time, then, please do not waste your time as the selection committee will not even hand-pick your application.

What means by hand-picked for selection?

You can say that it’s phase-1, but we say hand-picked. There are certain steps and evaluation processes which selection committee does before they hand-pick the number of candidates for to select the one winner from them.

How many candidates are hand-picked for to choose the winner?


How transparent is a selection process?

Our selection committee is very professional, and they make good decisions and decision is based on the majority of a selection committee in one candidate’s favor. We choose a selection committee very wisely and even evaluate their selection processes and their decision criteria and why they choose any candidate for the scholarship. They need to explain and write a winner report at each time and submit to the management based on why they choose the winner at any particular time.

How long the discount coupons are valid, which are given to hand-picked candidates whowere not qualified for the winner?

Discount coupons are valid for 30 days, and these discount’s coupons can be used to buy our business training programs. Even if you do not win a scholarship, you still have a possibility to attend the business training programs on a 10% discount of the original price.

Can I give away discount coupons to my friends/family if I have other priorities and will not redeem the discount coupon within its validity time?

Yes, you can give away to your friends and family, and they can redeem the coupon for to purchase our business training programs.

How can I write a good motivational letter that stands out and influences the decision-making process?

Motivational letter is all about explaining your passion, desire, and how this scholarship will be beneficial for you and for the society and why it matters for now and for you to win the scholarship. A good writing comes when you really want something and cannot live without this. Then just listen to your heart, emotions and sit in a silence space, and you will create the best outcome.

About the Cluevest

Cluevest, LLC is a business consultancy firm with focus on finance and growth. Cluevest offers business consultancy, business reports, business training programs and has many other products for human resources and organizational development. Cluevest even owns brands: Legerwise, Starnox. Legerwise offers services in accounting & taxation. Starnox offers services in digital marketing and in content creations.