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Make an impact, your contribution matters

Major benefits

  • Build your legacy.
  • Make a positive impact.
  • Help people to succeed.
  • Let’s build together tomorrow societies.
  • Get inner peace & satisfaction.
  • Become happier & successful.
  • Get higher returns on your investments.
  • Build your brand by reputation & respect.
  • Develop more leaders to serve organizations & societies better.

Details about Donations’ program

Cluevest, LLC is a business consultancy firm with focus on finance, investments, profitability and growth. Cluevest also offers different products & services for personal & professional development, which include books, events, programs, business training programs & workshops and speaking engagements. Cluevest is driven with its purpose, mission and vision that are to make growth possible. We are a passionate team that develops better products & services that serve people and organizations better and help them to succeed by improving their performance and profitability and position them for exponential growth by equipping them with the right tools & skills.

Cluevest also offers a wide range of promotional and scholarships programs for to make a positive impact on the societies and to make this world a better place by equipping the people with the right tools, skills, mindset and helps them to position for success by improving their performance. We have a wide range of programs which we give at no cost to different targeted groups and individuals to equip them with the right tools, skills and that will help them to succeed and by offering these programs help societies and organizations to get the talented people from a diverse social background that bring unique perspective in these organizations that help these organizations to succeed.

Cluevest offers a wide range of promotional programs to meet the personal and professional development needs of individuals and organizations and is a helping hand to provide solutions to the organizations, societies by developing a talent to helping organizations and societies to overcome problems, challenges. Some of our promotional programs include: Cluevest’s weekly deals, Cluevest’s legacy program, Cluevest’s scholarship program, Cluevest’s female empowerment program. Through these different programs, we are committed to equip people with the right tools, skills and help people to succeed from different social background and provide a good talent to the organizations and societies.

Cluevest is a private business driven organization, and we have a very high cost to develop our products & services, including business training programs which we offer through our these different promotional programs. Our target market is professional executives who are serving in different professions across the different industries. We offer these training programs in attractive business locations, and we also have higher cost related to our employees which are working hard to run these promotional campaigns to target the right groups and people and work with a selection process to choose the right candidates. We also have a very high administrative cost related to different systems, digital applications, and we also do different tests and analysis related to our these promotional programs to make a best possible impact on the people, organizations and societies. These all initiatives, business operations and offering free tickets to our business training programs come with a higher cost which we as a private business firm are bearing on our weak shoulders. We encourage to other people and organizations to become a part of our this movement and purpose and let’s drive together to make growth possible and help people, organizations to succeed by equipping them with the right tools, skills and expertise.

The seats are limited in these different promotional programs as we are a private profit driven organization, but at the same time we want to make these programs available to a limited number of people in different social groups, which will not be able to attend these programs due to higher cost. By having these initiatives help them to build better societies by fighting for equality and this even makes a positive impact in the societies by impacting different indicators, which include but not limited to: developing talented professionals to serve organizations & society better, increase GDP per capita by increasing productivity & performance, positioning & equipping the people to overcome tomorrow’s problems & challenges, bring change at individual, community and at the society level and develop better societies, overcome societies’ challenges like poverty, unemployment, criminality, physical and mental-health problems and more importantly give people the right tools to succeed to help them to live a lifestyle which they want, dream about and struggle in their lives.

By making donations minimize the burden on our shoulders and also provide us more financial muscles to help us in doing and running these programs at our best and also continue to improve by having better resources, system and functions on the place so that we can, not only give a best value to our customers but also can help these people who are willing and participate in our business training programs through these different promotional programs. By making donations, you share our values, purpose and mission to make growth possible by making this world a better place. The best gift is to equip people with the right tools to succeed in their personal and professional success, and our business training programs are very practical programs for professionals that position them for their next move that will give them higher income and exponential growth in their career.

You can make monthly or one-time donations and even can make donations on an occasionally basis to do your best to keep us running these promotional programs more effectively and to give a best value to prospective targeted individuals. You can easily donate through the PayPal or can make deposits in our given bank account. There is no minimum or maximum limit for donations. You can choose at your convenience with the flexibility. Please mention the code CLDN while you are making a donation. We would also highly encourage that you mention your name/company name for to let us know the source of the funding.

We like to mention the name of our donators in our business training programs if the donation value is higher than $15 000, but you have an option to be anonymous if you want to. Although we highly encourage that you let us mention your name in our business training programs. You are donating money for a good cause and let people know that you are doing something good and how you are making an impact and are making this world a better place. Positivity, generosity and a mindset of giving back to the society to make an impact fuel other people and let them take actions and this force together creates a snowball effect. The more people join this movement, the better it will be to bring that desired change that we are striving after and help us together to make a bigger impact. By mentioning your name also helps you with your brand and business in-terms of branding, reputation, respect and social boundedness that help to build better relationships, career and success at a personal and professional level. People are attracted to follow and to do business with people who are good role models and address the world’s problems and challenges by impacting the right potential indicators.

Some key points mentioned below in the table:
Options Minimum Donation Mention Code with Deposit
1: Publicity & promotion $ 15 000 XName-CLDN
2: Anonymous Any amount XName-CLDN0

All the big educational institutions get millions of dollars of donations every year and these help them in keep doing what they love and are passionate about. Cluevest also has higher aims and is driven with its purpose in keep doing of what we love and are passionate about. Cluevest also has a strategy on the place to invest, expand in different analysis, research, policy formulation, organizations’ development analysis and contribute at its best in the society. The more donations will help us to expand and keep doing what we love and are passionate about, and more financials will improve our performance even more.

How to Deposit

Cluevest provides two sources to make a deposit for donations. These sources include PayPal and Bank transfer. It is easy to make a deposit through a PayPal. PayPal is very convenient solution for to make payments. All you need is to have a PayPal account and then link your bank account with the PayPal and then you can make payment to anyone in the world. All you need is another persons’ email address to make a payment. It is convenient and flexible.

You can also make a deposit through a bank wire or electronic transfer directly to our bank account. Technology has made easy for us to make payments through banks nationally and internationally, and you can easily make deposits in bank accounts.

Here below are the details of these two sources:

1: PayPal:
2: Bank transfer:

Domestic (USA) International

Bank Name: Evolve Bank & Trust

ABA Routing Number: 084106768

Bank Address: 6070 Poplar Ave, Suite 200 Memphis, TN 38119

Beneficiary Name: Cluevest, LLC

Account Number: 9800662914

Account Type: Checking

Receiving Bank:

SWIFT/BIC Code: FRNAUS44XXX (Remove the trailing XXX, if you are asked for an eight digit code)
Bank Name: First National Bankers Bank
Bank Address: 7813 Office Park Blvd Baton Rouge, L A, 70809 USA


IBAN/Account Number: 084106768
Beneficiary Name: Evolve Bank & Trust
Beneficiary Address: 6070 Poplar Ave, Suite 200 Memphis, TN 38119 USA

Reference Field:

For: Cluevest, LLC account 9800662914 at Evolve Bank & Trust

Frequently asked questions

Where should I mention the Deposit code?

If you are making donation through PayPal, please mention in the message. If you are making deposit through a bank transfer, then please with a transaction.

What means by XName in a deposit code?

It can be any individual or your business name. For example: Cluevest-CLDN. Individual name example: Victor Lake-CLDN.

How I deposit, if I want to make millions ofdollars donation but want to be anonymous?

Please choose option-2 for to be anonymous. This will only help us to track the donation source, but we will not mention this in the public, and this information will be confidential.

Why I should make donations for people’s personal & professional development? I rather donate money for any other social cause or challenge?

You have an authority and choice to decide on your own financials and how you want to give back and make a positive impact on the society and on this planet. Although a best impact to address any social challenge and problem is to equip people with the right tools & skills that not only impact many indicators related to problems & challenges but also position people to develop better products & services that will develop tomorrow’s societies by increasing GDP per capita. Success breeds success, and this is how this planet will be a better living place for everyone.

Why I should give donations to a profit-driven private firm?

Yes, Cluevest is a private profit driven business firm and still offering some of its products & services for to make a positive impact on this planet and taking initiative to solve societies’ problems & challenges. It is easy for us as we already have these products &services, and these products& services can give higher benefits to these targeted groups by equipping them with the right tools and skills. Although we are a private profit driven organization, and we have very high administrative cost to manage, run different operations related to these programs, and in addition we have per unit cost while we offer free training seats to these individuals. This cost is very high as we arrange our business training programs on attractive business locations and hotels due to our target market and customers as we want to give a best value to our customers. We also have higher cost of course material and other items which we provide in our training programs. We are a profit-driven private organization just like other private institutions, and we are bearing this burden alone on our weak shoulders. By sharing this burden together with us by making donations help us financially and provide us flexibility and better resources, which help us to keep doing these promotional programs even better by providing better services.

All the big and well renowned educational institutions in the world get every year millions of dollars in donations and donations help them to invest more on research, analysis, finding better solutions and let them in doing what they love and are passionate about. Cluevest also has higher aims with a strong passion to continue doing what we love and are passionate about. Cluevest also has a strategy to invest, expand in research, data analysis, policy development, better business strategies’ testing & analysis and by having more donations will help to expand in different domains to deliver & contribute at our best into the organizations and society as a whole.

How you are keeping your funds related to these donations.

We have a good accounting on the place, and we are keeping these funds with a good measure in our business financials.

How can I get to know the positive impact of my donations and how they are utilized?

We publish quarterly report on the same page, which goes in detail and gives you insights about these programs and how these programs are making an impact by equipping people with the right tools and skills. We also are tracking different indicators and do different analysis related to our programs and provide key data insights in these reports. Our reports also include some interviews with our alumni who have participated through these promotional programs to give you more insights how they are making an impact in the societies to make this planet a better living.

About the Cluevest

Cluevest, LLC is a business consultancy firm with focus on finance and growth. Cluevest offers business consultancy, business reports, business training programs and has many other products for human resources and organizational development. Cluevest even owns brands: Legerwise, Starnox. Legerwise offers services in accounting & taxation. Starnox offers services in digital marketing and in content creations.