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Major benefits

  • Build your professional brand.
  • Build a professional network.
  • Make an impact.
  • Build your skills.
  • Self-improvement by nurturing your mind.
  • Mind stimulation.
  • Better future opportunities.
  • Better social interaction with your audience.
  • Lucrative discounts on our products & services & with our associated brands.

Details about Writing & publishing articles

Cluevest is a business consultancy firm with focus on finance, investments, profitability and growth. Cluevest also offers different products & services for personal and professional development, which include books, events, digital programs, business training programs and workshops and speaking engagements. Cluevest is driven with its mission, purpose and vision to make growth possible by providing the best opportunities to professionals and helps them to keep growing.

Cluevest’s platform provides you a wonderful opportunity to write, publish your articles. Cluevest is a well-respected, well-established and professional business brand that is well-known among its potential customers. Our potential customers are professional people who are working across different professions in different industries. Cluevest’s platform provides you a wonderful opportunity to reach to a wide range of targeted audience for your articles, which provides you many professional benefits that help you to grow in your professional career. By writing and publishing articles with the Cluevest’s platform provide you wonderful opportunities to network, connect, impact the right audience, and by building the right network and positioning yourself to the right target market help you to build your professional brand.

Cluevest’s platform is for professionals from the professional people and by connecting and bringing your perspective to the right audience help you to show your skills, perspective to the right audience and make an impact and help you to grab better opportunities in your professional career. Cluevest is driven to promote a culture of excellence, professionalism, driving force and help professionals to build & operate competitive organizations that serve the humanity better by developing & offering better products & services.

Reading and writing stimulates the mind, helps to gain knowledge, information and new perspective, sharpen mental triggers and more importantly writing helps you to sharpen your professional skills and helps you to align and summarize your thoughts and your perspective according to your professional experiences and standpoints. Writing is a great way to connect and build relationships with the right audience. Writing is a great way to become a thought leader in your industry and make an impact. Writing is a great way to create followers and become a role model. Writing articles on our platform help you to build your audience, which helps you to succeed with your books on our platform. We need more writers for to bring better perspective from their standpoint into the professional world.

Writing refines you, evolves you, nurtures you, empowers you, gives you an authority, self-confidence and self-fulfilment. Writing and by bringing your perspective into a professional world is a great way to challenge your capabilities and continue to push yourself for the next big moves by leveling up your professional game. Many professionals and top executives are so passionate to write, and writing helps them to take themselves to the next level and helps them to grab better opportunities.

Cluevest’s platform helps you to leverage your contribution and efforts and helps you to connect with the right audience. Our platform is continuously growing, and we have visitors, customers, followers and customers from different professional industries who are serving in different professions at different positions. By bringing your content and articles at one place where most of the professionals spend their time for mental stimulation and to get a better perspective is a right strategy to place your contents in front of the right audience where your contribution and effort create higher returns and help you to succeed with your goals and passion.

Writing is about a lifestyle, and it shows your thought patterns, mindset, your choices, priorities, your perspective, your values and how you think, the things are, should be and will be in the future. Living the lifestyle by nurturing, giving value and empowering yourself give you happiness, mental satisfaction, inner peace, motivation, driving force, passion and help you to live with your passion and keep doing what you love and care about in your life.

Cluevest is driven with its purpose and passion to make growth possible, and we are committed together with your mission and priorities to create best contents and then help you that your contents and articles reach to a large audience and make a major breakthrough. We help our writers in multiple ways so that their articles get read with a large number of audience and make that breakthrough which our writes are striving for. We post articles on our website which have very high-traffic rate. We also promote interesting articles through our social media. We can also do an interview with interesting writers about their published articles to promote our writers. We are on our way to launch many media products, which includes digital channels and several other products, which include digital programs and more podcasts. These programs and different products will be our next step to level up our game and promote our writers through our media to the right audience. We also send monthly newsletters to a wide range of our customer database, and we highlight all the interesting articles of the month in our newsletter to give a best value to our customers. Cluevest is also on its way to launch its own business magazine and by writing, positioning and showing your talent and professional skills will help you to write articles and become a part of our business magazine. And much more opportunities to come as Cluevest is driven with its purpose and mission, and we will continue to develop, improve and launch best products and services for our customers best interest by giving them a best value.

Cluevest also offers lucrative discounts on its products and services to some writers who have shown excellence and have made a substantial contribution by writing interesting articles and are active by publishing and writing more articles. Cluevest also stands with our writers to empower them by networking and helping them to grab the best opportunities in a professional world through our brand, associated brands and through our customers. Cluevest also provides an ongoing support to write best contents, helps you to publish on our platform by using the professional and practical tools. Cluevest is committed for your success and helps you to make an impact.

What can you write

Cluevest is an open platform for professional people, and you can write whichever topic you want to that are related to business, economy, people and organizations and how we can create a best value and which are the most important issues that need to be addressed. There are no constraints about what you can write and publish, and it provides you freedom, flexibility and helps you to write from your standpoint and in which professional area you have better professional expertise. Although Cluevest is a business consultancy firm, and we serve almost every industry and help them to succeed by giving the right tools for management, performance, culture, profitability, growth and key professional insights that help them to build, develop & offer better products & services. We would highly encourage that you write related to interesting topics and bring your perspective to make an impact. We encourage to our writers to bring key insights, which are based on facts and are easy to consume for a wide range of audience and give them a best value.

Who can write

Cluevest has an open-door policy and everybody from any profession across any industry is welcome to write and publish his/her articles on our platform and can reach out to our audience. We highly encourage, promote and give priority to writers who have a graduate or higher degree with a professional experience of 2-3 years. In most cases, professionals with an undergraduate degree who have 5-7 years of professional experience are also considered. If you are a young professional and are attending a university, you still can start writing and leveraging our platform if you can motivate our team with a good presentation, personality, vision, future professional goals and your strong interest and passion to write, publish and make an impact. Although we have some limitations on the place by how many articles, we can publish on our platform, which are written by young professionals.

Besides of that, there are no specific constrains, but we do care some parameters related to our brand, values, positioning and to give our customers a best value. These include but not limited to: Your current professional title, your professional background, your skills and expertise, your interest, passion and lifestyle preferences, your values, your educational background, your age and your social status, etc.

How to publish

Cluevest is committed and is driven with its passion and purpose to publish the best contents that give a best value to our readers, and we also encourage and support our writers and content contributors in writing and publishing the best contents that standout and are relevant to our audience. Cluevest screens, evaluates, reads and proves articles before they can be published on our platform. Once you have submitted through our website then our team will go through your contents, and if they match with our quality constrains and are relevant to our audience, then we will publish them as soon as we can or on your specified given date.

Frequently asked questions

I can have my own blog, or I have a blog, why I should write on a Cluevest’s platform?

Most of the professional people do not have a time to go on many blogs and read your articles. Your blog is not backed with a strong platform and a professional brand. Your blog does not have or going to have a large traffic compare to a well-establish and respected brand among the professionals. By writing and publishing articles with the Cluevest’s platform help you to position for better opportunities, help you with branding, help you to reach to a wide range of audience; your articles through a well-establish and respected brand show a quality symbol, and you reach to the right audience.

In which language can I write?

For now, we are only accepting articles in English.

When I will be able to get lucrative discounts for Cluevest’s products, services and on its associated brands?

If you are actively writing and contributing good articles, then it will not be so difficult to get lucrative discounts in the near future. Our Support team will let you know when you qualify for that. It can take anywhere from six months to one year with active contribution of good articles.

When my articles with be able to publish in our other coming digital products and in media?

We will choose writers and contributors based on their previous track record and contributions.

Should I pay to write and publish articles on Cluevest’s platform?

No, for now we do not charge any money to leverage our platform and brand, and we are driven with our purpose and mission to help you to succeed with your professional goals and help you to level up your skills by mental stimulation. But this can change in the future due to higher demand of our platform and brand as we cannot accommodate everyone on our platform due to our target audience, and quality controls parameters.

I have a very busy schedule, and I can write only occasionally. Can I publish on Cluevest’t platform?

Yes, Cluevest provides you flexibility, autonomy to help you to live the best lifestyle and at the same time stimulate your mind for better professional success. You can write whenever you want and how many articles you want. Although we do suggest that you take it seriously and give yourself some challenges. By only writing 20 minutes in a day, you can produce at least 15 good articles every month.

How can I have more readers engagement with my articles?

Our IT team is already working on different strategies to integrate the latest applications on our platform, which will help you to create your own profile, have followers, engage with your audience, send notifications to your audience whenever your new articles are published, etc. And most important is of course your contents and these tools and application will give you leverage for higher benefits.

About the Cluevest

Cluevest, LLC is a business consultancy firm with focus on finance and growth. Cluevest offers business consultancy, business reports, business training programs and has many other products for human resources and organizational development. Cluevest even owns brands: Legerwise, Starnox. Legerwise offers services in accounting & taxation. Starnox offers services in digital marketing and in content creations.