Full time/Part time.

Candidate & Job locations

Germany, France, U.K., Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Ireland.

Education level

At least, an undergraduate degree in business from well-reputed university.

Experience level

At least 2-3 years.

Europe’s Office Location:

In Europe, for now, we have our office in Stockholm, but we have higher aims to open more offices in our markets. We provide higher flexibility, and you can even work remotely from any location. Sweden market’s manager has higher possibility to work from our office in Stockholm if he/she would like to.


Are you a driven, passionate and challenge oriented who always strives to create the best results by adding maximum value? Do you want to be a part of a global company and work and interact with customers across the globe in our all major markets? Are you a person who likes to go to an extra mile and results, and commitments are more important than anything? Are you driven by numbers, growth & results? Do you like business development and would like to build your future with us? Do you like new challenges for growth, learning & development then welcome to the interesting opportunity in our company as a Business development manager.

About the company:

Cluevest, LLC is an American company based in Texas and having their business operation in US and in EU. Cluevest’s target customers are within B2B, B2C, B2G. Cluevest is a business consultancy firm with focus on finance and growth. Cluevest offers business consultancy, Business reports, business training programs & different professional events. Cluevest even own brands: Legerwise and Starnox. Legerwise offers services related to accounting & taxation. Starnox offers services related to Digital marketing. For more information about our products/services, please visit our website (cluevest.com).

Cluevest culture

Cluevest is a very young and innovative company driven by highly skilled workforce that value growth, prosperity, unity, adding value, personal development, challenging working environment, flexibility, freedom in job execution and give a sense of an ownership. Cluevest is driven to empower its employees by giving them a better lifestyle, a sense of ownership and higher acknowledgement for their contribution. Cluevest is driven & operated by the people for the people mentality. Cluevest’s workforce is very young, energetic and highly motivated in their job execution.

Job responsibilities:

• Develop and execute business strategy.
• Provide information and material related to our products/services to our customers.
• Contacting potential clients to introduce our products/services.
• Planning, strategizing and taking initiative to find new customers.
• Writing promotional contents for emails, web and print media.
• Promoting products & services by email marketing, phone calling and by web contents.
• Seek collaborations with other affiliate marketers to promote our products & services.
• Find new innovative solutions for business expansion and growth by increasing sales and by minimizing the cost.
• Working actively with our brand ambassadors to promote our brands.
• Seeking and working actively with potential business partners to bring and create more sales.
• Work actively to deliver on our brand development strategy.
• Work actively to achieve company’s sales targets and over delivered on them.
• Think, find, develop and come up with new ideas for to develop more products & services.
• Find innovative ways to improve business operations by making them effective by improving performance and minimizing the cost.
• Plan and arrange business events.
• Collaborating actively with the other team to deliver on business strategy.

Your profile:

At least, an undergraduate degree in business administration, marketing or any equals from any prestigious university.
At least 2-3 years professional working experience.
Strong interest for people, markets and communication.
Excellent skills in English speaking and writing and have a higher desire to become a hero within Business development.
Know-how about latest tech tools & applications and strong desire to implement new innovative and effective tech solutions.
Strong desire to go beyond and over deliver to help achieve our sales targets.

Compensation levels:

Before to talk about compensation, we would like to give you some information about our different revenue streams.
Business training programs are our major revenue stream. We have very higher aims to arrange these Business training programs across the globe at different locations. We even offer different installment plans to our customers for to help customers to make right choices in their lives even when they have a tight budget. We also offer our Business training programs virtually. Our Business training programs are also available in a digital version. Customers can attend physically, virtually or just can take a digital version of the program and can complete the programs at their own convenience. Installment plans are available for every type of versions. For now, we have developed two Business training programs, and other programs are still in a development phase.
The second revenue stream is Books & digital products. We have different books, and some of them are essential which people need to buy to attend our training programs.
The third revenue stream is Business & professional consultancy services, and we have different packages to create growth for our customers. We have Business & Professional consultants in different domains. We offer very attractive installment packages to make it more affordable for the people & organizations, and our services are of higher quality to create maximum value for our customers. You can read more about them on our website.
The fourth revenue stream is to arrange different business & industry-specific events & conferences. We still did not start with this Business unit actively due to Corona pandemic. The revenues will come from the sales of tickets to our existing and potential customers.
As a Business Development manager, you will receive 20% on net sales prices of these all different revenue streams of products/services. We still do not provide any basic salary because we are providing very higher bonuses package, and we think this is how our Business development managers will make higher income. But if you will want to switch over to basic salary + commission package, this opportunity will also be available after your three-month tenure with us and by showing your performance. In salary + commission package, we offer 4% commission.

Contact to HR:

If you have any questions related to this job position, please send email to our HR team at (career@cluevest.com) and use this Job reference number in your communication.

Job Category: BDM
Job Type: Part Time Full Time
Job Location: France Germany U.K Italy Spain Netherlands Switzerland Sweden Norway Finland Ireland

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