Our Values - Cluevest

Our values display what we do and why and how we do

Our values are core element in our business and our own style to offer services to our customers. We always strive and maintain our values in whole organisation by having the right people in our team and continuously develop them accordingly to our values. Our values bind us together and we are like-minded people. Our values drive us to create value for our customers, develop society and minimize those risk which can destroy society or humanity in the short or long term.
  • Passionate
  • We are passionate people driven by a strong will to achieve big economical and humanistic results for the society and for our customers. We are driven by behaviour: Yes, we can attitude. We have very much energy and always are in a top humour for to achieve and deliver results. we are encoded to do and deliver no matter what is required, and we are not scare to go out of our comfort zone. We are always curious to learn new things and become even more better and have attitude to create value for our customers. We are passionate to create growth in our customers businesses and in the society. We are passionate to stand together to minimize societies risk which can harmonize people livings conditions for example climate, dangerous chemicals, nuclear weapons, weapon production, drugs, alcohol and tobacco products and even over consumption.

  • Productive
  • For us being productive is as important as sleeping and breathing. We see productivity is one of the most important peoples need to contribute, develop and improve livings condition forhumanity. We are driven to be more productive and create value for our customers for their better products and services which ultimately will improve living conditions for humanity. We measure productivity with our own internal developed tools to become even more better in what we do. More over by getting continuously feedback from our customers, market analysis and surrounded society challenges, we develop our skills and maintain right productivity level in order to meet tomorrows society’s need. By putting higher demand on ourselves, we always are on top with our skills for to create bigger value for our customers.

    We are used to work alone and even in groups with different competence levels and personalities for to create bigger value for our customers and for society. We develop together new routines, procedures and by right measurements we create new methods to improve productivity. Our curiosity to learn new things, improve our skills and even by intensive internal education courses we are always on the top with our productivity for to create value for our customers.

  • Impacting
  • We are influencer with strong leadership skills to motivate, inspire and impact for to achieve desired results. With our skills to create right harmony and atmosphere on your working places for to achieve big challenges is our prime characteristic. Impact is encoded in our roots as it is most important to bring change as it is impossible to create value without change. We create value by impacting from top management to all other employees, company structure and procedures to do things. We keep our customers business secrets. We are driven to improve our customers businesses and society for to improve living conditions for humanity. We are united to impact the society to make it better by raising our voice against unethical acts, illegal activities, climate, competence and diversity issues and minimize over consumption.

    We believe on long term sustainable growth and responsible act to improve society by developing companies which improve living conditions for humanity. With our ambition to create growth and be our customers leading growth partner, we have developed internal criteria after our analysis and based on our values. According to our policy and after deep assessment we say no to those customers which operate businesses in those areas which can deteriorate living conditions for humanity or can do a big damage for society or for climate in short or in the long term