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Business & Professional Consultancy


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Accelerate & Lead to stay at the top in life & Business

Major Benefits

  • Higher sales Growth
  • Higher Gross profit margins
  • Higher Operating profit margins
  • Higher Net profit margins
  • Higher value of assets
  • Higher Market value
  • Higher Operating Cash flow
  • Higher Lower Interest cost
  • Lower Operational cost
  • Effective budgeting
  • Better policies for organization’s growth
  • Aligning the organization’s culture for higher performance
  • Higher level of productivity & organizations' profitability
  • Better Business compliance
  • Better financial risk management
  • Implementation of Growth strategies
  • Empowering Employees & management for higher performance
  • Creating an exponential growth by creating more opportunities
  • Creating higher value for investors
  • Policies for sustainability & long-term growth
  • Employees & management’s skills development
  • Developing the brand & market image
  • Increasing the market share
  • Helping to attract & retain top talent
  • Higher individual performance
  • Clarity & success at an individual level
  • Income & growth strategies at an individual level

Our Business & Professional consultants

We align the right business & professional consultants that will best fit with your need. For to solve complex problems and challenges, we even create a team of consultants with different expertise that will best serve and fit with your needs and they all will be aligned for your personal and professional success. Most of the time our individual and corporate clients will be working with only one consultant as by working with one consultant help them to create the best results and outcomes. Teams are created by aligning different consultants when we need to bring in different experts and professional to solve problems and challenges and these all services and teams are included in your packages. We are specialized in finance and growth. Our mostly consultants are working with financial matters. For Growth, we need to bring in expertise from different domains that will help us to create growth, for example, we build a team of consultants (finance, marketing, sales, operations, business strategy, etc.). For our individual customers, we have performance and life coaches and even can align up business consultants that can help you to start with the business, if you absolutely are passionate about. Some of major domains in which our consultants serve to our customers:

Our Consultants in major domains

Equity Research Company valuation Financial analyst
Financial strength Product analysis & development Company management & corporate Governance
Property investment Individual Performance & life coaching Business consultants
Market Research
Note: In Business consultancy, we align different consultants as per our customers’ needs, and these include but not limited to: Business strategy, Leadership, organization culture, change management; Sales & Marketing, Brand development; Organizations structure reforms, Policy developments; Effectiveness & centralization of processes, etc.

Who are our ideal customers

Cluevest is driven with its passion & purpose to create growth at an individual, organizational and at the societal level. We serve in B2B, B2C, B2G levels to all our customers. Our packages help you to align the right business & professional consultants that become your growth & success partner and help you to succeed by creating your desired end results. We are specialized in Finance and Growth. Due to our professional expertise, a major portion of our customers come from bankers, investment banking firms, institutional investment firms, portfolio managers, high net worth individuals, companies' brokers, and even other large organizations as their financial growth partners and helping them with right financial strategies and tools in their acquisitions, mergers, financial management, budgeting, risk management, portfolio management, investments, etc. We also serve different social institutions with their different financial & organizational matters.

Our ideal customers

Investment Banks Investment companies Portfolio managers
Hedge Fund managers Property fund managers Institutional investors
Companies Traders & investors Market Players
Companies Brokers Property Brokers Governmental agencies
Social institutions Individuals & corporate Executives Entrepreneurs
Note: Individuals include but not limited to: CEOs and Heads of different institutions, doctors, engineers, athletes, fashion designers, Professionals in entertainment industry (acting, modelling, music, media, etc.) & colleges & universities' students.
We are driven to create growth and growth is not possible only by looking at the numbers and with better financial management. Growth lies in performance, profitability, growth, sales, organizational culture, organizational structure, marketing, branding, human resources performance, effectivity of input resources and in applying the right tools and strategies for better business management and success to create the maximum output in each business success. Growth also lies by apply the right tools and strategies for each business problem and challenges. Growth also lies in by grabbing the right market opportunities and also in creating more opportunities. Growth also lies in individual performance and excellence. Growth also lies in several other parameters that need to track, optimize to increase output and performance. Our Business & professional consultancy packages help individuals and organizations to align right talent pool from our business & professional consultants that will help them to succeed by creating growth and success at an individual and organizational level. For growth, we serve almost all industries and business segments and have customers across different industries and businesses. We are data & research driven and implement right tools & strategies that will create best results for each business, organization in any given situation. Each business and industry are different and have its unique problems, challenges and opportunities and our packages help our customers to align right business & professional consultants that will best fit with their need and will create that desired results. At an individual level, we offer professional consultancy for individual performance and life coaching. Our these professional consultancy services help individuals to increase their performance and create the desired results and output in their lives. Our professional consultancy & coaching services help individuals to revolve, strengthen and position them for higher level of success. Our individual-level services help corporate executives to accelerate in their professional performance and help them to achieve big goals. Our individual-level services help individuals to find their true passion, help them to overcome fears, hold their hand, show them the path, give them right tools, strategies and step by step system to implement to succeed in their lives. Our individual level services help individuals to identify their true hidden inside forces and strengths and help them to succeed by helping them to build success habits and behavior patterns. In B2C, we serve and have customers in a corporate world, executives and senior executives, CEOs & heads of different private and social institutions, other professional people, which include but not limited to doctors, engineers, athletes, entrepreneurs, fashion designer, professionals in entertainment industry(acting, music, media, modeling etc.), college and universities’ students who want to accelerate in their professional career & other who want to retire young & rich by building billion-dollar businesses in their early lives, property investors, traders & financial market players, teachers & professors, etc.

About Business & Professional Consultancy

Profitability, growth, higher income, more value, life satisfaction, better organizations are the most popular names on everybody's lips, and we hear these words on almost at every cocktail party, every business conference, every shareholders' meeting, every personal and private meeting. These are some of the most important indicators which affect and make a positive/negative impact on almost everybody in their daily lives. But the majority of the people never create the desired growth, income, satisfaction. Most organizations never are able to solve their complex problems and surprisingly majority of the businesses never achieve their business targets, which show the capabilities of the management. Every organization is managed by the people, and these people need a proper guidance, nurturing, access to the latest tools, outside professional expertise that let them identify the right problems and solutions and guide them to make the right choices which will help them to create the desired results. Business consultancy has never been so important as in today’s market where business competition, global markets, latest technology, changing consumer behavior and market trends, hidden market forces, latest advancements in the tools and strategies that create best optimal results and higher performance among the organizations are some of the most driving factors that create a dire need and absolute necessity for each single individual and organization to have always access to business top minds and experts through different business consultancy solutions. The people and organizations that take this very seriously and consider this as an absolutely necessary asset than cost, not only create the desired results but also beat out the markets. The game in life at an individual level and at business level is much complex than it looks, and business consultancy solutions are your ultimate solution for to take your life and business to the point where your imagination even cannot reach without having access to the professional business consultants. By not having professional consultants for you and for your business is costing you millions by not creating the desired results beyond of your expectation. Business consultants are highly demanding professionals, and limited spots are available based on early come, early serve basis. We highly encourage you to buy right now any of our Consultancy package that will best suit with your needs. Business and life itself are not a risk instead is a wonderful game that we all play in our journey but sadly to say, not all are playing well, not all businesses are thriving, not all organizations achieve their short-term & long-term business & financial goals, not all individuals are living their dream lives, not all organizations are best working places for individuals who attract the top talents and better minds, not all senior managements are creating the higher return for their investors, not all businesses are creating the best products & services for their customers, not all social institutions are effective & are providing better services. This all is happening because they only are focusing on the outcome but lacking the substantial components at the input level. The output is always equal to the level of input. What we put in, this is what we can get out. Business consultants are key human capital and resources that are absolutely necessary to be added as a key input to create the desire output. Without not adding the right input resources (Business & professional consultants) who will help to implement the right tools and strategies that will create the desire output levels, you are making a costly decision and compromise. Business & professional consultants are problem identifiers, opportunities finder, and are input resources optimizer, performance accelerators and are expert in implementing the right tools, strategies, systems that will create the desired results and successes. Business & professional consultants can see what you and other in your team cannot see, and they can challenge the current personal and business practices to bring change, implement new solutions that will create the desired outcomes and success. You need experts with better eyes, minds and heart to identify and to solve your problems and challenges and create an exponential growth & success beyond of your imagination. By not having professional consultants for you and for your business is costing you millions by not creating the desired results beyond of your expectation. Business consultants are highly demanding professionals, and limited spots are available based on early come, early serve basis. We highly encourage you to buy right now any of our Consultancy package that will best suit with your needs. Imagine years from now by living the life of your dreams and wants with a better lifestyle, imagine the life years from now when you have created & built a successful organization and business by staying at the top in your game. This is possible by having business & professional consultant services, and Cluevest is absolutely best to provide the best business & professional consultant services. Cluevest is driven with its purpose and mission to create a growth & success, and we care your growth & success more than anybody else on this planet and in this universe. Imagine the big elephant in the Football ground and how you can beat him to win your gold medal in your life, career and in business. This is only possible if you become an even bigger elephant to put this elephant down and overcome it, and this is possible with our business & professional consultant services, and we will create and will make you the biggest elephant in the life’s playground, and you will succeed, lead, thrive and will stay on the top as long as you have our business & professional consultant services' package. Our business & professional consultants provide step by step blueprint, formula and system at each input level to optimize and to increase performance and success in business and professional life by creating an exponential growth. You need fresh oxygen to breath and Cluevest’s Business & professional consultant services to thrive and succeed. What makes our business & professional consultant services unique are that we provide business consultancy packages that best fit for each individual and business and our major portion of compensation is tied with our customers' end results and we are end result driven passionate professionals. We have a group of professional & business consultants, and we can align different consultants in one package to best serve our customers and identify and solve different problems that will help us to create that desired end results. Our speciality is in finance and growth and to create growth; we align up business & professional consultants in different domains, which goes through different input levels and across different business domains that will help us and to our customers to create that desired end results. By not having professional consultants for you and for your business is costing you millions by not creating the desired results beyond of your expectation. Business consultants are highly demanding professionals, and limited spots are available based on early come, early serve basis. We highly encourage you to buy right now any of our Consultancy package that will best suit with your needs.

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Prices detail

Our prices are competitive in the industry, although we are a value-driven organization. Prices are subject to change due to market forces. Prices & interest rate will remain same for the customers once they have bought, and new prices will only apply to the new customers. In each installment plan, the stated amount is charged in each month. For example, in three months plans the stated amount will be charged every month for the three consecutive months from the date; you have purchased your program. If customers will change their installment plan later, then the new interest rates will apply while they change their installment plan.

Our Prices & Packages

Basic Silver Silver+ Silver++ Gold
Per hour price- First time first ½ hour free 6 Month plan-weekly session (40-60 minutes) Yearly-monthly session (40-60 minutes) Yearly-every other week session (40-60 min) Yearly weekly session (40-60 min)
$159 $3614 $1740 $3510 $6708
Down payment 35% (1264.90), Remaining in 6 monthly payments (391.52) Down payment 35% (609), Remaining in 12 monthly payments (94.25) Down payment 35% (1228.50), Remaining in 12 monthly payments (190.13) Down payment 35% (2347.80), Remaining in 12 monthly payments (363.35)
Business package Results based compensation for the next three years: 1.5 % of the increase in Gross profit (paid quarterly) + 3% based on company growth (paid annually) Results based compensation for the next five years: 1.5 % of the increase in Gross profit (paid quarterly) + 3% based on company growth (paid annually) Results based compensation for the next ten years: 1.5 % of the increase in Gross profit (paid quarterly) + 3% based on company growth (paid annually)
Individual performance + life coaching No compensation is charged based on results.
Business & professional consultancy has been never so important as it is today and will be forever in the future. More details about Business & professional consultancy and about our services are mentioned in the brochure.

About the Cluevest

Cluevest, LLC is a business consultancy firm with focus on finance and growth. Cluevest offers business consultancy, business reports, business training programs, speaking engagements and has many other products for human resources and organizational development. Cluevest even owns brands: Legerwise, Starnox. Legerwise offers services in accounting & taxation. Starnox offers services in digital marketing and in content creations.

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