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Productive Executive 2.0

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Productive Executive 2.0


Productive Executive 2.0 provides inside secrets and guidelines to increase your performance and helps you to become an A-level player.

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Take control of your life & career

Major Benefits

  • Productivity’s Importance
  • Tools & strategies for higher performance
  • Guidelines & action steps for higher performance
  • Productive Principles
  • Using Productivity framework for higher performance
  • Insights for higher performance

About the Book

Productive Executive 2.0 contains eight chapters, and it provides a detail overview about the strategies and tools which you can use in your favor to increase your productivity and become an A-level player. Here below are some details about the chapters:
  1. Chapter one of Productive Executive 2.0 is about the importance of Productivity and why productivity suffers among individuals and organizations. It contains powerful examples from the real life and shows you the importance and what are the key steps that are important to take to increase your productivity.
  2. Chapter two of Productive Executive 2.0 is about productive principles. It walks you through the productive principles and how these principles are the powerful source to increase your productivity and become successful in your personal & professional life. Productive principles come with different strategies that can be implemented for each principle to get the desired outcomes. Principles also contain interesting examples of other successful people and how by using these principles helped them to become successful in their personal & professional lives.
  3. Chapter three of Productive Executive 2.0 is about the Productive Boost 15X program. Productive Boost 15X program is a training program based on systems, formulas, strategies, management expertise and is loaded with a lot of information based on intensive research to take yourself from zero to hero by increasing your productivity and to become highest paid executive and live a longer life by having better cognitive abilities.
  4. Chapter four of Productive Executive 2.0 is about the Productive Boost 15X book. Productive Boost 15X is an intensive book on productivity, which gives you systems, tools, strategies and valuable information based by years of intensive research to make you productive.
  5. Chapter five of Productive Executive 2.0 is about Mental Edge 4.0. Mental Edge 4.0 is a book, and a business training program based on intensive research in neurology, mental strength, mental optimization and gives you tools, system, strategies & formulas to become better in learning, memorization, maintain & strengthen your mental capabilities for to be mentally sharp & active for a longer life and stay productive & professionally active for to maintain the desired lifestyle & have higher incomes.
  6. Chapter six of Productive Executive 2.0 is about the Productive Boost 15X workbook. Productive Boost 15X workbook is based on accelerated learning that contains framework, models, activities’ planners, activities toolkits, audit programs, different exercises to formulate and design strategies, actions and put the learned concepts and theory from Productive boost 15X book into practicals to enhance learning and to build mental triggers and habits.
  7. Chapter seven of Productive Executive 2.0 is about 15X Mind hacker. 15X Mind hacker is a mental program based on hypnotherapy backed by intensive research related to productivity, performance, mental triggers, cognitive abilities, motivation, mental force, healthy mind that helps to train the mind muscles and to get the maximum advantage from your mind by training the subconscious mind for higher performance.
  8. Chapter eight of Productive Executive 2.0 is a conclusion of the productivity framework. It also guides you about how you can become more productive, and which tools will be more helpful for you. It also contains information about the other activities which you can integrate into your life by participating with's platform that will give you more value and will bring more satisfaction, motivation and driving force to become even more productive and achieve higher results.

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Cluevest, LLC is a business consultancy firm with focus on finance and growth. Cluevest offers business consultancy, business reports, business training programs and has many other products for human resources and organizational development. Cluevest even owns brands: Legerwise, Starnox. Legerwise offers services in accounting & taxation. Starnox offers services in digital marketing and in content creations.

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