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Cluevest is a business consultancy company with focus on finance & growth.

Cluevest is committed with its purpose to make growth possible and offers Business & professional consultancy to drive profitability & growth, offers Business & Investment reports that give key insights & right strategical solutions based on our own developed methods, formulas that create profitability & growth and give an edge to investors and organizations.

Cluevest also offers many products & services that are absolutely essential to drive growth at the individual and organizational level. These include Business training programs & workshops; events & conferences related to different industries and professions, keynote speaking services to help organizations to arrange their own events and hire top keynote speakers that bring their expertise to the organizations/events that drive growth. In addition, Cluevest offers Books & other digital programs for learning, earning and growth that are written by industry professional.

What we offer


Business & Professional Consultancy

Professional experts who hold your hand to drive growth & for higher profitability.


Training Programs & Workshops

Training programs & workshops with proven practicable methods


Business & Investment Reports

Key insights with powerful simple guidelines to driven growth & profitability


Events & Conferences

Unique opportunities of networking and to get latest knowledge and insight


Keynote Speaking

Organizational & human-resource development by hiring professional keynote speakers


Books & Programs

Books & different educational programs created by industry professional based on

Why Choose Us

Cluevest is not only a one-stop solution for different products & services that are absolutely necessary for to create higher profitability and growth but also provides its products & services with strong integration into a modern lifestyle. Cluevest is more of a better lifestyle company and is positioned and committed to make growth possible. Cluevest challenges current & old industry practices and stays away from these schools of thoughts. Cluevest’s products & services are developed and offered by having a strong value proposition and quality in mind. Quality & value is A & Z for a better lifestyle. Cluevest products & services are super professional, practicable, result oriented and Cluevest has developed many tools, methods that are proven & are used to create hyper growth & profitability at the individual and professional level. Better lifestyle, profitability & growth is possible once you strongly connect and make your commitment to get modern and practicable clues from the Cluevest that make a difference in your life. Say yes to young, modern and better lifestyle. Welcome to the Cluevest world.

Our Offerings

Management consultancy related to finance, investments, business growth, business management, financial management, organizational development and personal development. Market research and information services, economic forecasting & analysis, business investigations, business evaluations, business sector analysis, macro analysis, micro analysis, data analysis, product development analysis, business financial analysis, market strategic and growth plans, business management, change management, business policies and cultural empowerment,  growth planning and analysis, business operation’s development, business administration. Business reports related to: investments, budgeting, financial management, market analysis, product analysis, market research, business growth, business management, business evaluations, business strategic development, business development, business expansion. Different reports related to business start-up services. Business outsourcing service related to business efficiency, workforce and providing talented professionals for businesses’ short/long-term needs.

Business training programs for skills development related to: productivity, financial management, sales, marketing, human resources, business management, business communication, leadership and personal development. Books, online courses for skills development related to: productivity, financial management, sales, marketing, human resources, business management, business communication, leadership, organizational and personal development.

Means to provide

  1. Physically at those places where we have our offices & to the nearby locations.
  2. Physically across the globe if our customers can bear the traveling expenses or in case of larger volumes.
  3. Digitally through web & other applications.

How Cluevest was Born

New ideas and companies are not only formed by great and innovative people that are driven to create something but also who are passionate to help people and society to overcome their problems & challenges by finding better solutions of the problems and create a new era of future by adding maximum value in the lifestyle & wellbeing of the people. The idea was born by our founder Victor Lake while traveling on his Christmas holidays to celebrate Christmas with his family & friends.

Victor Lake has a background in finance & investments and was pursuing his passion by playing actively in the financial markets by trading and spending time by reading/writing financial analyst reports. Victor was always passionate about the entrepreneurship, finding problems and creating innovative solutions, which not only solve problems and provide better solutions but also give a better lifestyle.

While he was sitting in the airplane and was waiting for the flight to take a departure in about 25 minutes, a man in the age of around 40 years came and sat beside of his seat and continue talking on his mobile. He was nervous, stressed, drained with energy and was looking for the way out from his trouble. He was talking about the sales, profitability and stock price of his company and how the bad year in sales & profitability will also affect his career and even his bonuses/compensations for this year. He was continuously asking on the phone about the better clues and how he can get the desired growth in his company and can protect the stock downfall.
Victor continued reading the wall street journal and was looking at some market key insights. Victor offered him a newspaper, if he would like to read and have a good time. He accepted and said, Thanks, let’s see if I can find a better clue in the newspaper. Then Victor asked him what do you do sir, and he replied that he was a CEO of X company, and then they continued talking for his company, industry, financial markets and future outlooks.

Their almost three hours discussion gave them a great opportunity to share great ideas and in finding better clues for to get the desired growth for CEO’s company. Victor gave him meaningful clues that will set the ground of their new business strategy and will help them to create a growth, profitability. They exchanged the contact details, and CEO sent the thank you mail after Christmas holidays, and he wrote, you gave me great clues, which I never thought, Thank you. These clues vested me to take a control of the situation.
And the next-day new business idea was born with the name of Cluevest. Cluevest will be a business consultancy firm with focus on finance and growth and will help people & organizations by giving them clues that vest them to take a better control of the situations and create exponential growth. Cluevest is driven with its purpose of making growth possible by offering consultancy, business reports, business training programs and offer many products & services for personal & professional development, which give better clues to the people that vest them to create better growth and professional success.