Business valuation services to raise funding, financing, sell business or to make better business decisions

Business valuations services of Cluevest help its customers with business valuation to meet their business needs like raise funding, get debt financing, sell business or business unit, make better business decisions by knowing the business net worth.

Business valuation is a business need and also a biggest challenge to get the right valuation

Business valuation plays an important purpose and is a business need to raise funding, get debt financing, sell business or business unit, meet business goals like making investments, improving exit strategy, etc. But a lot of things go wrong without not relying on the right professional services. Cluevest provides the detailed business valuation report by using multiple valuation methods.

Business valuation with multiple valuation methods to find the right business value to meet business needs and goals


Professional approch with solid skills, data analytics & market understanding.

Multiple valuation types

Business valuation with multiple types to find the right business net worth.

Market based approach

Business valuation with a good understanding of market, peer and comparable businesses.

Business financials

Breakdown and explanation of financial, ratios, financial reports, forecasting, etc.

Business market

Understanding of business market, future potential, its impact on business valuation.

Business assets

Understanding, explanation of business assets and their role in future success, business valuation, etc.

Business valuation with professionalism in focus:

Business valuation is an art, science and need skills, good understanding of market to succeed with the business valuation itself. A lot of things can go wrong without not working with the right professional service.
In depth skills in

business valuation

Solid market skills
Neutralism, customer centric

Business valuation with multiple valuation types and matrices:

Business valuation strongly depends on the financial methods that are used for business valuation. Cluevest provides business valuation detailed report by using multiple methods and multiple to give you leverage in your business valuation.
Good understanding of valuation approaches & their impact on value
Detailed guide & explanation
Providing valuation by using multiple methods
Using data analytics and market based approach

Business valuation services by using a market-based approach:

Business valuation itself needs a solid understanding of market, past deals, comparable, market potential, market dynamics, industry understanding, etc. Cluevest uses in house data, resources and different data analytics technologies to leverage and provide better services for business valuation.
Good market understanding
Leveraging Inhouse data, resources
Market potential & dynamics
Using Data analytics technologies

Business valuation services by detailed explanation of business assets and their role:

Many indicators, market dynamics, business drivers play a crucial role in business valuation. Financial assets are one of them. By detailed explanation and breaking down financial reports and financial assets and their role in business valuations is very helpful & show all the hidden value in business to get the right valuation. Cluevest provides business valuation with details about business assets, financials, ratio analysis, financials importance and effect on valuation.
Detailed explanation of assets
Exposing a hidden value in business assets
Importance of business assets in business and their valuation
Leveraging business assets for valuation

Succeed with business funding and financing by leveraging the valuable data sources in our business valuation services:

Succeed with getting business funding, business financing without wasting your valuable resources and time. Get professional to meet professionals and succeed with business funding, financing. Cluevest uses valuable data sources in business valuation to deliver the service that helps you to succeed with your business goals.
Succeed with business funding, financing
Succeed faster / hassle free
Save your valuable resources & time
Leverage on our skills, data insights

All in one solution source for business valuation and related services. Get add-on services to succeed better & faster with your business goals

Creation & mgmt. of cap table

Get Cap table with our advice, tailored automated solution of cap table and use it forever in your business. Get professional and have right tools that help you grow, keep you organized, bring better management of equity, business partners, owners.

Creation of Pitch Deck presentation

Pitch Deck is a heart of the whole game and even small things can break the deal and lead to failures. Get our professional advice, Pitch deck, all delivered as one package. Pitch deck that brings clarity and actions for the investors. Increase your success rate & deliver a pitch with our support and with our pitch deck.

Creation of an Investment/financing proposal letter

First impression is everything when it comes to funding, finding investors. Investment proposal letter is a very important document that starts the conversation to take it to the final contract. Get professional, make impact and move the ball in your favor. Cluevest delivers investment proposal letters that make you stand out, get attention, increase your success rate, make you look professional, ready for success and big game.

Simple steps to get business valuation
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Once we are ready and give a go ahead signal, then, please buy the valuation service and related add-ones(optional) or as agreed. You make a purchase on the same page in the below Checkout section. Once purchase is confirmed, we start working on your request.

| Succeed with business funding, other needs

We normally deliver valuation services and related add-ones within 5-7 business days. You get detailed valuation report and also other requested add-ones services. Quality and our customers success are our top priority. If they succeed, we succeed. Succeed with your business funding, financing, sale, other business goals by leveraging on our services & business acumen.

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Cluevest consulting company is committed for our customers' success, and we work hard from the moment we receive any order and deliver on our promises to create value for our customers. We normally deliver valuation service with detailed report and all the related add-ones(if purchased) within 5-7 business days.
Good communication
Faster fulfillment
Understanding customers
Quality driven value

Add-ones with Business valuation service purchase

Creation & mgmt. of cap table

Creation of Pitch Deck presentation

Creation of Investment/financing proposal letter

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Business valuation is a very important step, and it directly affects business ownership and even your wealth. Professionalism with professional services plays a very important role to help you to succeed with your business goals. Your chances of success are much higher with our business valuation services.


We use our tools, in house resources, data analytics services, business acumen, skills to help you to succeed with your business goals. Leverage on our professional services to succeed better and faster with your business goals.


Get Business valuation services from Cluevest to succeed with business funding, business financing, sale of business, business unit, business goals related to investment, exit strategies, business wealth creation goals. We provide one window solution for all related services and are dedicated for your success.


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