Victor Lake

Finance professional with skills in accounting, annual reporting according to K3/IFRS framework, financial reporting, business controlling, financial controlling, internal governance and control, internal audit, budgeting, financial analysis, investments, capital budgeting.

Financial consultant with skills in FP & A, controlling, financial reporting.

Victor Lake is a financial consultant with skills in Financial planning & analysis, business controlling, financial controlling, financial reporting, financial analysis, investment analysis, investment management, capital budgeting.

Professional experience:

ABB, Transportstyrelsen, Sintercast, Triboron, Eli Lilly, Bizviz Inc., Organic socks.


06/2016 -- Present

Business controller, Financial controller


  • Ongoing accounting, financial statements, financial reporting, K3, IFRS.
  • Budgeting, forecasting.
  • Business management, KPIs.
  • Business controlling for business management, follow-up.
  • Financial controlling for financial management, financial reporting.
  • Planning and risk management of cash flow, working capital.
  • Improve, drive business to improve profitability, profit margins.
  • Cost controlling, cost optimization.
  • Work with different M & A transactions to improve profitability, succeed with integration, reduce cost, extract synergy benefits.
  • Responsible for internal governance and control, improve internal processes/take various measures for better risk management.
  • Provide consulting advice, support to management in complex business challenges.

Barclays Bank Plc


01/2009 -- 07/2009

Relationships manager


  • Financial products analysis, provide advice to different clients in their investments.
  • Market analysis for competing financial products, provide best value to customers.
  • Collaborate with products teams, product managers to keep our products competitive.
  • Analysis for market demand, market trends and their impact on our revenue, financial goals.
  • Develop business plans, marketing plans for financial products, work together with business teams, product managers to succeed best with company’s financial goals and with their product portfolio.
  • Work with various marketing channels to attract customers, build relationships and convert potential customers to business customers.
  • Provide customer support, work together with customer support team to improve customer experience, customer satisfaction level.
  • Analyze different types of business data to see different trends and to use that information to improve internal processes, product offering, demand, customer experience, customer satisfaction level.

Mobilink GSM


06/2006 – 12/2008

Business development manager


  • Continuously work with sales through different sale channels.
  • Analyze sales data, trends in markets to make sales processes more effective.
  • Develop and manage different sales strategies to succeed with sales and turnover targets in our region.
  • Collaborate with various sale teams to motivate, train, advice for to succeed best with sales targets in our region.
  • Work with different franchises teams in our region to develop the market, increase sales, build customer presence.
  • Responsible for sales team as a team leader. Train, guide, support, evaluate, improve their work to succeed with sales targets.
  • Collaborate with product teams, marketing team to succeed best with product launches and increase sales during the launch phases.
  • Analyze products, markets, geographies to see different trends and manage sales processes effectively to succeed with sales goals and increase turnover.
  • Collaborate with customer support team to provide better customer support and more sales through customer support channels.
  • Analyze, improve various work processes to improve customer experience, customer satisfaction level.



05/2002 – 03/2004



  • Develop, implement different business strategies to succeed best with business goals.
  • Collaborate with the management to make important business decisions based on financial and operational analysis.
  • Collaborate with different departments, teams to optimize/improve work processes.
  • Develop, manage various budgets, forecasts for the company.
  • Continuously do various types of financial analysis, to manage budget, cost, forecasting, business follow-up.
  • Analyze various KPIs to evaluate business goals, financial health of the company.
  • Lead finance team in their work in accounting, invoicing, risk management, cash flow, working capital to best succeed with financial goals of the company.
  • Collaborate with marketing team to develop, optimize marketing plans based on financial analysis.
  • Analyze costs, performance of customer support team and improve customer support, customer experience, customer satisfaction level.
  • Work on an ongoing basis with customers feedback to work effectively in developing, improving work processes.


+ Business controlling, financial controlling

+ Financial management

+ Financial plannning, analysis, financial modeling.

+ Budgeting

+ Accounting, annual reporting, financial reporting according to K3, IFRS.

+ Business valuations

+ Investment management

+ Management consulting

+ Strategy planning and implementation

+ K3, IFRS, consolidated accounting, compliance, internal governance and control, internal audit

+ Microsoft Office, excel, Power BI

+ SAP, Oracle, UBW, Visma, Aaro, Stratsys, Qlickview


2016 - 2017



2011 - 2016



2002 - 2006

Stockholm university

Diploma in commercial law of Sweden


Umeå university

Master’s degree in accounting, finance


University of central Punjab

Bachelor’s degree in business management

Other Merits:




Business systems

English, Swedish



SAP business warehouse, SAP controlling (CO), UBW, Aaro, Visma, Excel, Microsoft office, Power BI.


Available for positions






Business controller, Financial controller, Group Business controller, Manager Business controlling, Manager financial reporting, CFO, CEO, Management consultant.



Hybrid working solutions for EU, USA market.